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RPM/v: 380 Kv
25 AmpBrushless Motor Speed Controller programmable items; Throttle Range Setting, Brake Battery type, Cutoff mode, Start mode, and Timing

16x5.5 Carbon FIber Propellers


Robust, Multi-Tier Platform and Carbon Fiber Arms/Landing Gear

​Fully Repairable - Every part is replaceable

Hangar78UAV Engineering has a quick response to custom requests

Nir (NDVI) sensor/Camera 

HE Quad


Full range, 2.4Ghz 7 Channels

Proven DSMX technology

​LCD display

Image software

Canon S100 (NIR/NDVI Filter Installed)

  • CHDK Installed
  • Pixhawk / PX4 Trigger Cable Included
  • Battery and Charger Included
  • ​Built-in GPS
  • ​​Includes two CHDK programs (Time Interval / GPS Trigger) 
  • Local Processing - Secure in field results without internet. 
  • High reliability - Images are "placed" on the world, not stitched. This provides low resolution data with very quick processing. 
  • Project Creation for Field Management and collaboration. Operator has the option to share project with whomever they wish. 
  • Manual manipulation for higher accuracy, if desired.
  • Shape File creation for Importing into your prescription software. 
  • Various NDVI options.

Note: a Windows 7 or newer PC is required


Flight Computer: 168 MHz Cortex, M4F CPU

Battery: LiPo 4S 8000mAh

RF Transmitter: 2.4 GHz 7 Channel

GPS with Digital Compass

SD Card and USB Adapter

Onboard Sensors
Accelerometer / Magnetometer

Telemetry - 915MHz