Get The Most From Every Acre

Every farm is different. Each field is unique. As an ag producer you expect the tools you use to increase yields and maximize your return on every acre. Yield Defender is a complete Unmanned Aerial System (UAS) designed and produced in the USA by Air Tractor, the world's leading agricultural aircraft manufacturer. Yield Defender allows you to make smart, data-driven decisions in order to optimize your inputs for the unique conditions in every field.

Real Time, Real Data, Real Results

Yield Defender performs field scouting, crop health analysis, drought assessment, crop yield estimates, monitors location, status, and movement of livestock, and more.

It is a seamless solution which includes a High Endurance quad-rotor ag drone, mission planner app, professional grade onboard sensors, and CropVue image processing software. The system is ready to go to work out of the box.